Technical considerations and travel plans

Well, I suppose its about time that the other half of this adventuring couple makes a post. What better way, I figure, than with my expertise in technology and what I know about its relation to our trip.

Unfortunately the answer is not much. My fantastic company has purchased (and partially decorated) a laptop to bring on our travels, for which we are both very thankful. We will definitely have some amount of internet access while we are in country but it could range anywhere from broadband speeds at home to none unless we travel to an internet cafe or peace corps headquarters. Worst case scenario is that we will write of our adventures offline and post multiple items at once when we have access when we are able. Please do e-mail us any well wishes and updates on your lives which we will read and respond to as we can. We can pretty much guarantee little to no access to the internet during the first few months while we are in training. Once we complete training and are given a final posting we will make an update with more details and, hopefully, further contact information. We have also set up a joint Google Voice account if anyone wants to leave us a voice-mail to check as we have internet access. Just click the “Call Me!” button to the right of our blog, enter your number and Google will call you to record a voice-mail.
The bit I can tell you all about in more detail is our travel plans for getting there. We fly out to Los Angeles on September 9th and have orientation sessions through the morning and early afternoon on the 10th. At 9:30pm that evening, our flight departs to take us out of the country. September 11th doesn’t so much exist as far as we are concerned, being that we’re flying across the date line that day (skipping 9/11 by flying… seems.. appropriate?). September 12th we have a brief layover in New Zealand before we finally arrive in Vanuatu and start to see what this country is all about. We will be sure to post pictures as we are able to, everything we have seen so far looks beautiful! It is also well known for some amazing scuba diving so we are thinking a certification is in our future.
Finally, we are asking for letters we can bring with us and open as we are feeling homesick to help us along. We got a good many at our party this past weekend but would be very happy to add to the collection. Just write something to one or both of us, stuff it in an envelope with the appropriate name on the outside and get it to us. Let us know if you need a mailing address or e-mail it and we’ll promise not to read it ahead of time while printing it out and labeling.

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  1. Do you know if Vanuatu has a literal meaning? Does it mean something like "You are sitting on a volcano?" This is Dad typing on Mom's computer.

  2. I have not found one yet, and don&#39;t know if Gaea has either but we&#39;ll look around. We did find the origin/meaning of the name of the language, Bislama, on its wikipedia page:<br />&quot;The name of Bislama (previously also spelled &quot;Bichelamar&quot;) comes via the 19th century word &quot;Beach-la-Mar&quot; from French &quot;bêche de mer&quot; sea cucumber, which itself comes from an

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