Martial Arts

I am sure that this will come as a big surprise to absolutely everyone but I seem to have acquired a group of young boys as admirers. Seems that a bit of showing off with forms will impress kids (boys especially) just about anywhere and make them want to learn. I hadn’t really planned to but I’ve been running some classes as our training schedule allows. The kids seem to be having a fantastic time so far and mostly get what I’m trying to tell them. There are some difficulties with my limited Bislama, especially when it comes to the words used to run a martial arts class which are, oddly enough, not quite in the vocabulary that they teach as basic language skills. Fortunately, I can do a good bit of showing and I do know how to say “you do it like this” so that can cover most of it. It helps greatly that the kids are so excited and eager to learn this stuff. I have also had some interest from adults, both locals and a few of the other volunteers which has allowed me to play a little more. Classes are a bit more loose at this point, given that I will not be staying here too much longer to continue running them. I am greatly encouraged with the reception thus far and look forward to establishing a regular class once we have our posting.

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