Now, in the present tense!

This entry I am writing while connected to the internet! Oh my!

We are in Port Vila for the day on holiday. It was Constitution Day here on Tuesday, but we had class. To make up for it, we have today off. That was actually intentional on the part of the Peace Corps, this way all the shops are open while we’re in town.

Before I get too far into details, there are pictures online. I didn’t link to them in the posts because the internet we have is really, really slow. Some of them are on the facebook group here or look for the group “Peace Corps Vanuatu G-23.” One of the members of G-23 is also a bit of a photographer so you can look through his photos here or follow the link off the facebook group. Finally, Jason put some of our photos up on his picasa which is somewhere around here . There are also some other blogs online that you can find on the Peace Corps website, but I don’t know them yet. I’ll try compile a list for the next time I get into town.

If you are interested in writing to us or sending us care packages, our address is:
Us C/O Peace Corps
Private Mail Bag 9097
Port Vila, Vanuatu
South Pacific

There is the business stuff out of the way.

The last few days have been flying by, which is a definite difference to the first three weeks. I think my brain has finally stopped processing every chicken, dog and different shaped lead I see. It is still trying to process every sound I hear as Bislama, even though we only hear Bislama about half the time. The other half, people speak local which sounds sort of like French. It isn’t anything even a little related, but it has similar sounds.

Due to time and an interest in going and getting a milk shake while I still have a chance to eat cold dairy, I’m going to leave this post here.

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