Wish List

If you want to show us some love, which is not obligatory, here are things we would like.
Of course, we want letters and emails and any form of communication you can get to us. At this point, we still don’t know what our internet access is going to be but letters seem to arriving in 10-15 days.
On a more material side, spices are huge. The food here is rather bland and could do with some spice. Candy, chocolate, and all forms of comestibles are awesome. I’m starting to miss some American food. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone can mail me a pizza.
Jason would like someone to mail him the internet, but failing that, any form of communication or news from the outside world. Send us some news clippings of things you think we’d be interested in.
We need a photo of icefishing. I keep trying to describe it and it just doesn’t come across here, for some reason. Actually, photos in general would be awesome so we can see all the things you people are up to and show them to our family and friends here. We can get some photos digitally and print them here, or just leave them on Jason’s computer.
As always, my wish list has books on it, but the Peace Corps office has a pretty good selection. It should take me a year or so to go through that.
Pretty much, communication is our biggest lack. We miss you all and want to know what you are up to.

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  1. Hi to both of you…. Tara and I are picking out stilt costumes for an INternational Festival in Indianana… not quite as exotic as where you are… but, could be interesting..we can send pictures… what is the tradional dress of your island country… send a description maybe we a costume to represent or long lost stilter friend… Things here are good and very busy! Halloween went off well

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