If you like this blog, you might like these blogs!

Here is a list of the blogs of a few other volunteers in Vanuatu Group-23:

amandainvanuatu.wordpress.com – she’s a teacher going to the Banks and will be far, far away
danielglog.blogspot.com – he’s a business guy going to Rovo Bay on Epi
whomeveryouarewith.blogspot.com – she’s a teacher who will be working on creating the national curriculum for in-service teacher training in Vila
kdobsa.blogspot.com – she’s a health volunteer
carlapeacecorps.blogspot.com – she will be working with Activ Association in Vila
meganinvanuaut.com – she’s a teacher on Pentecost, my new neigbor!
ebsandkyle.wordpress.com – these two are the other married couple in my group. They are staying on Efate, close to Vila.

We also have a facebook group that has links to tons of pictures and more individual blogs. That list is the people who were around when I asked about blogs. I may have more links at some later point.

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