1-4 Christmas Part 2: The Holiday

We went north to a town called Nabarangiut where to other PCVs live. Alex and Lucas are another married couple and have been living there for a year. They offered up their house as Christmas Central to everyone on Pentecost. Unfortunately, we were the only ones close enough to make it since the ship wasn’t running.

Christmas itself was pretty mellow. We went to Lucas’ family house and had a lovely meal complete with ramen noodles and pineapple. It’s pineapple season and this is a wonderful thing.

Between eating times, I learned a couple of sand drawings. They are pretty cool and when I have more information will be a post of their own. We had enough cell phone reception to call our families for Christmas, which was also great. Jason and Lucas had a couple shells of kava apiece but we had all forgotten to bring a flashlight, so we had to make an early night of it. In fact, we walked the last ten minutes home almost entirely by feel, since it had gotten dark.

The rest of the weekend we spent chilling, taking pictures of fish and eating whiteman food. It was a really nice weekend. It was great to spend time with people going through the same experience that we are, in both being PCVs and in being a married couple. Alex and Lucas seem to have a very similar world view to me which made for some great conversation. It was also really useful to see how they live. The day-to-day routine of a PCV and of a married PCV. I feel like we learned a lot from being there including some new recipes, tips for cooking on an open fire, useful furniture and house arrangement ideas, fence-building techniques and other such life-improvements.

Really, it was a great weekend but there wasn’t a lot of exceptional stories. The highlight of my weekend happened the first night when I was sniffing fresh basil with a purring cat in my lap.

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