1-8 Wet is a Fact of Life

Just to point this out, we are in the tropics. Though it involves a lot of beautiful, sunny moments, there are an awful lot of really wet ones, too.

I did the laundry yesterday morning (I feel the need to point out that Jason helped). I hung my laundry on the line to dry. It got rained on. It wasn’t worth bringing it in before since it was still wet for the wash. Then it got sunned on. It got drier. Then it got rained on. Then it got sunned on. Then it was night time and I brought it in for the night. I put it back out this morning. It got sunned on. It finally got dry around 1 o’clock today. It is that humid here.

Our usual days involve a sunny morning and a rainy afternoon. Every once in awhile, we get a rainy day where it just doesn’t stop. Those usual come when there are things like cyclones nearby. But for the most part, it rains, we get wet and then it suns but we don’t get dry.

My life is damp.

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