2-2 Have a good February!

In about 6 hours, my plane is scheduled to take off for Pentecost. The chances of that actually happening at that time are about 50-50 but whether or not it leaves then, I will still be beyond the access of the internet.

Which means, it is back to snail mail for me! If you want a letter, I need your address. If you’ve gotten a letter from me, I have your address. If you’ve sent me a letter, I have your address and your letter is somewhere in the mail. These things take a few weeks. The lady at the post office told my the Christmas presents I mailed today will probably get there before the end of March…

The rules for sending things have changed again, but at least they are simpler. Now, they want us to have everything sent straight to our sites. All packages, letters, boxes, parcels, and miscellaneous mail should come directly to our site. That would be: Us, PCV, Vansemakul Aid Post, Melsisi Post Office, Central Pentecost Island, Vanuatu.

If you have questions, try to contact our parents. They have asked enough questions to cover every possible circumstance.

We miss you all. We’ll re-appear on the internet in March.

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