2-19 Details forthcoming

I wrote up a much longer post about this. It is on my computer. I am on a computer at a wireless kiosk and so I can’t transfer the writing easily. That will come.

On Thursday afternoon, I hit my hand with a bush knife while opening a coconut. The cut itself is superficial but I managed to damage the branch of the radial nerve that goes to the back of my thumb. I have currently have no sensation there.

I got med evaced to Vila. I arrived Friday morning and it was determined that I needed surgery that can’t be performed in-country. There is no sterile enviornment or micro surgery available in Vanuatu. I need both on this one.

I am now in Brisbane, Australia at Brisbane Royal and Women’s Hospital. I will have surgery tomorrow, if all goes as planned. Hopefully, I will be back in Vanuatu at the end of the week.

I am fine. Let me re-iterate that. I am fine. At this point, the parts of me in the most pain are my dignity and my emotional state. My hand doesn’t hurt (though that is sort of the problem) and the Peace Corps has done an amazing job of taking care of me.

I don’t want to be here. I want to be on Pentecost doing the work I believe in. I want to be making banana bread with coconut milk (which is how all of this started) and falling asleep listening to the flying fox and the ocean. I want to be with my partner as he starts his job, for real this time. I want to be in my community teasing my papa and learning to weave. I don’t want to be in Brisbane.

At least there is ice cream and chocolate crepes. And internet. Fast internet.

Sometime this week, there will be a complete write up including pictures, diagrams and details. This is just to explain the grumpy facebook updates because I hate it when people put cryptic things on their facebook/livejournals. Just tell the story, people!

I do have internet so email, comment, write on my wall, chat if you catch me online. I miss my friends and family. Keep me in the loop.

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