2-20 I’m in Purgatory

First off, Happy Birthday to my Pops! He’s old now!

On to details other people care about:

I think I am in purgatory. I didn’t realize it was going to be a hungry place. I was hopefully going to get into surgery today and so I fasted from midnight last night until a little after lunch today. Sometime around then, a trauma came in the ER and my chances of getting surgery today went out on the incoming ambulance. At least I got lunch out of the deal. I supplemented my lunch with chocolate. It was delicious. The chocolate anyway, somehow the hospital found a new way to ruin rice. It tasted like styrofoam. (Yes, I’ve tasted styrofoam. Don’t act surprised. You know me.)

The current plan is surgery tomorrow morning. I will be fasting again from midnight on.

Late last night I was moved up to the Gyno ward. My bed is much more comfortable. I am sharing a room with three other women, instead of 3 guys and 2 women. I have a window. My neighbor is a lovely woman who has repeatedly offered me the use of iPhone to check my email. She is in my awesome book right now. All together, I think I upgraded. I like the change.

Now, I’m back to purgatory to wait for my dinner and tomorrow’s knife. Hopefully it will be more useful than the last knife to hit my wrist.

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  1. Thanx for the birthday greeting (times 2), from Gaea and Merrisa!<br />So, what&#39;s the chances for surgery looking lije today, Gaea?<br />Locale?<br />love pops

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