2-26 Pentecost TV

The chickens provide our amusement on Pentecost. I still haven’t gotten a good video of them falling in the box, but here is a short sample. Watch the chick closest to the camera, she has some troubles. Also, the really distressed squawking at the beginning is because the mama hen is standing on one of her babies. They are truly not intelligent creatures.

Today Jason left the box sitting in the corner, not flat but tipped a bit. Apparently a chicken tried to jump inside. It flipped the box over on top of itself. There will be video of Jason letting the chicken out next time one of us gets to Vila. Now, he has the video on Pentecost and I am in Vila.

EDIT: I finally got a TINY bit of video to upload. This 9 second video took about an hour to upload. I will try to get the other videos up as well, but at this point I’m not promising anything.

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