3-8 Kastom Danis

During Jason’s training in January, I was on Pentecost by my lonesome for a week or so. It was a busy week. Between a wedding, which is a two day affair around here, a kastom danis and a trip up to visit my nearest PCV neighbor, I didn’t have too much time to notice Jason’s absence.

The trip up top was great. Alexandra is about a two hour hike away. The bad part is that it is two hours straight up a hill. Even worse, I forgot my camera and don’t have any good pictures from the trip. I’ll write more about her site and visiting when I have some good photos to prove it.

Instead, here is a video of the kastom danis I watched. It reminds me a lot of Morris or a Pow Wow. There is a lot of chanting and stomping of feet, though in this video, they were using the string band instruments to play the kastom music for the dance. That was a very Vanuatu moment.

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