3-12 Tsunami

We are both in safe places.

Jason is on high ground on Pentecost with everyone from our village plus the entire population of the neighboring village on the coast. When I talked to him a few hours ago, there was a gathering at the nakamal and they were well into a good night.

People have “cyclone parties” here. That is a party that happens when you are stuck inside while waiting out the storm. You find your friends, your family and enough food and water to be happy for a day or two. Then you go inside, close all the doors, tape all the windows and start playing cards. They are having a tsunami party in Vansemakul. I can imagine it is more fun since there isn’t huge amounts of rain and destructive winds at the moment.

I’m in Vila. I am on the wrong side of the island for the tsunami to hit me. I just got back to my hotel and things appear pretty normal here.

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