3-16 Best of List from Jason’s First test

The general level of computer knowledge here is zero. Not zero like the in the US where most everyone can use a mouse, type on a keyboard, open a file, double click and check email. At the very least, people in the US have seen a computer, know that it has an on switch and that it does things. The level zero I’m talking about is where Jason has repeatedly told them that when the mouse pad ends, they can pick up the mouse and start over. One of the previous volunteers said, “I spent a year teaching teenagers to double-click.” Double-clicking is an accomplishment.

The school required that Jason do a pre-test to determine current skill levels. He took the questions out of the slide show used in last year’s year 9 classes and again in the beginning of this year’s class so theoretically, these students have seen all of this information before.

Remember, these are year 10 students who have had “Informatics” for one full year. The teacher was the Peace Corps Volunteer before Jason and has a pretty high technical knowledge.

Here are some of the funnier questions and their answers, with the original Bislama spelling.

Lo College Lycee de Melsisi, yumi usum wanem operating system?

At Melsisi College, we use what operating system. (Windows XP)

Operarian XP


Yumi usum jeneretier.

We use a generator

Microsoft PX


Sipos yu no save wanem docie holem ficheir blo yu, bae yu mekem wanem?

If you don’t know what folder your files are in, what do you do? (Run a search from the Start Menu.)

Bae yu askem lo fren blo yu

You ask your friend. (He didn’t get points, but he did make us both laugh for being a smartass.)

Bae mi mas copie lo book leson.

I must copy from the book.

Bae yu jekem everi docie we I stap lo computer.

You check every folder in the computer.

Sipos yu wantem wan menu blo sumting, bae yu usum wanem button mo prestem hamas taem?

If you want a menu for something, you use what button and press it how many times? (Right click once)

Fulap taem

A lot of times.

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  1. Reminds me of when I worked at National Jewish Hospital in the early 80&#39;s and got to show the staff the new patient registration system. I was telling them things like – put the cursor next to Name… tab until the cursor is at….<br />After a couple of minutes one person said &quot;What&#39;s a cursor?&quot;

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