9-16 Playing tourist in Dunedin

The white building with the silo is the Cadbury factory

On Monday, David and Zoanna had to do “work” and “school” things so we were on our own to find amusement. We had to choose between a brewery and a chocolate factory. After much debate, we went for the chocolate. We were going on a wine tour later in the week anyway.

We biked into downtown where the Cadbury Chocolate Factory was located. We took a tour, which was amusing. I feel like brewery/factory/distillery tours all follow a basic format. You go in, watch a video or hear a lecture about the product and why it is the best which usually includes historical claims to fame. For Cadbury, this included the first chocolate factory in New Zealand under other management, which was then taken over by Cadbury. Then you walk through and look at the initial processing of the product, in this case, how do cocoa beans go from bean form to cocoa solids and butter. Then you go through this factory’s specialty, for instance Jaffas (little orange coated chocolate balls) or Easter Eggs. Then you watch the production line and feel sorry for the people working on it as you are staring at them. Finally, there is a “twist” like a ton of chocolate that falls from the ceiling. And then you are out on your own.
On the Cadbury tour, there were a couple of gorgeous views from towers and they gave out chocolate. Really, they gave out enough chocolate to justify the price in my mind, so I’m happy. Anything that gives me chocolate gets points in my book.
Stained glass train in the railway station

After our factory tour, we did a little “self-guided” exploration. We ditched the bikes because it was pouring rain and wandered around. We found the train station, which was pretty, and an electronic store that was useful. We also stopped by a martial arts store and found out that ssang jyul bong are a controlled weapon and you have to have a black belt certificate to show to purchase them. I think we’ll just make some on the island.

It had stopped raining by the time we got done with all that so we picked up some groceries and biked back to the house.
I left Jason to go for a jog that continued to prove that New Zealand is beautiful. I can’t remember the name of the place we went, but we went uphill into the forest. The woods themselves were gorgeous and exotic to my northern hemisphere expectations. Giant ferns, like I see in Vanuatu, except growing side by side with hardwoods and scrubby bushes. The ground was littered with pine needles, or something like them, which reminded me strongly of home. I think I’m still more at home in the forest than on the beach, but don’t let my dad know. He’ll be disappointed that even a place this beautiful can’t instill his love of the ocean in me.
Playing cards in the evening with our hosts

We hung around the house and cooked and played cards for the evening and much of the next morning. At noon the next day, we left for the bus back to Christchurch and adventures in the Marlborough region, also known as wine country.

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