12-17 Goodbyes

Matt, Jason, Me, Eleanor and Hayley

We’ve said one more round of goodbyes. When we got to Pentecost, there were two Oxford (now Project Teach Vanuatu) volunteers in Melsisi and three in Ranwadi as well as a GAP (now Latitude) volunteer. We said our goodbyes to them after only a month. They were replaced in February and we got to know the new kids. The last of them left for home on Monday. In between, there were a few other goodbyes for the 3-week to 6-month term volunteers.

Matt and Georgia at a fundraiser

It is strange to see these people come and go. They become our nearest English-speaking neighbors and a refuge from the struggles of living in a intensely different culture. We get to know these people in a pretty intimate way, just due to circumstance. We’re all on this rollercoaster together, so get along or get lost.

Then they leave. Sometimes they leave behind things that are tasty or they’ll send back care packages that are truly relevant, but it is odd to not have them just down the road or a text message away. When I’m really lucky, I get to go visiting. I hope to do some globe trotting post-Peace Corps, so I have hopes that I’ll see many of them again and maybe sleep on a coach or two.
It will be interesting to see the new group come in February and find out what my relationship will be with them. I hope they are as great as the rest have been.

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