1-1 Champagne Beach

It was pretty much a classic tropical island paradise

We got into Santo at 2 am on Wednesday morning. The ship got to Ambae where a whole pile of people was waiting to go to a wedding on the other side of the island. It took an hour and a half to load them into the ship going one speedboat-full at a time in a protected cove. It took four and a half to unload them on the other side. That delayed our trip.

Wednesday when we got up, we weren’t feeling really interested in doing much so we made plans for the next day. Thursday morning, we rented a truck and went to Champagne Beach.
I have never been swimming in a more beautiful location. The water was crystal clear at twenty and thirty feet down where you could see white sand and tiny fish. The sand was practically flour and there were no sharp rocks to surprise your feet. Coconut trees provided ambiance while a couple of leafy trees shaded the area around the beach. The only thing that made this Vanuatu and not an actual paradise were the occasional cow or pig coming to enjoy the beach as well.
Jason and Ryan were rolling around in the sand.
Now they look breaded and ready for the frying pan.

We spent the day there, diving off the dock, playing frisbee, wrestling in the sand and swimming. We had a picnic for lunch and the more tender-hearted among us fed scraps to the pig. I’m totally over pigs and chased the damn creature away from my basket when it tried to steal my bread.

We got back to the house sunburned and happy before dinner. Seriously, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been swimming.

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