1-1 Happy New Year!

Don’t these plants look like they should be in Dr. Seuss?
We had a pretty mellow New Year. We are still on Santo (which is why I can post this). There are currently 16 volunteers on Santo. Only 4 live here and one of those is in Vila. It is quite the collection of people.
We did tex-mex day at one of the Santo Volunteer’s house. We made proper American style burritos to usher in our New Year in this tropical paradise. It is important to thoroughly mix one’s ethnicities on a regular basis.
Silliness ala Dr. Seuss

We hung out for quite awhile after dinner. One of the guys from Malekula swore that the iPod he had was a gift from an ex-girlfriend, though he could sing along with all the songs, including the ones by Hannah Montana, Britney Spears and Justin Beiber. He was also dancing with a couple of the other guys who collectively sang as well as a herd of queen cats in heat. It was hilarious. We enjoyed the concert.

After much debate, we decided to go around the corner to a bar for a few hours. We walked to the bar. It was a private party with a six-course meal that required advanced reservations. We walked back the other way, fancy places like that are not for PCVs.
Michael had an awesome new years hat!

We ended up at the hotel where some people were staying and hung out until around 10 pm. The five of us staying out of town decided to go catch a bus before the drivers got too drunk. We made it back to the house without further excitement and rang in the New Year with silly hats and bacardi and coke.

Happy and Prosperous New Year to all of you! Here’s hoping for as much adventure and joy in 2012 as I found in 2011!

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