1-19 Denizen’s of Chez Gaea

A short collection of the inhabitants of my house.

They are brothers, though they only admit it while
getting kitty hairs all over my clothes.
Melvin, also known as FBI.  He is in charge of internal defense against rats, lizards and other pests.

Melvin at work

Goldy, or our CIA.  He walks about to quell the threat of a rat invasion based in neighboring houses.

It is important to keep other organizations (or your brother) on their toes.

Our spider friends.  She was one of the bigger ones I’ve seen in my bathroom.  But she wasn’t the only one.
The white thing is an egg sac.  Gross smol.

There is no door on my kitchen.  The chickens hold the communal belief that this makes it a chicken coop.  I objected at first, until they started laying eggs.  We’ve reached an agreement, they get to play in my kitchen if I get to steal their babies. 

I wanted to see how many eggs she had. 
She wasn’t really happy with the operation.
Chicken housing crisis: Insufficient nest space leads
to overcrowded nests and really warm eggs.

More eight-legged roommates.  They keep the mostiks down.

This is the yellow-butt spider.  The thick part of the web is really sticky.

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