1-19 How to wear a loincloth

 A while back, pictures were posted of me in a loincloth. I’ve since continued to wear it around the village, especially around kava time. I’ve actually come to enjoy wearing it, especially in this ridiculously hot season. In case any of you want to try a loincloth yourself this summer, here is how they work.

First, acquire two pieces of cloth. One should be a thin strip to make a belt with. The other wide enough to fold in half and still be the width of your hip bones and long enough to hook under your “personal bits” with some length on either side.

Put on the long strip as a belt, tying it on the side.

Pull one end of the bigger cloth through the front of the belt with enough length for the flap in the front.

The other end of the big cloth goes between your legs. Pull it over the belt and back through underneath. Then loop it back around itself. No, you don’t need to tie it or anything, it will hold just fine as is.

That’s all. Enjoy a wonderfully cooling breeze!
Eventually, I will find a tsip(red mat) which is the kastom loincloth and try that one out. Don’t worry, there will be pictures.

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