8-12 The World has a Sense of Humor: Slapstick

Hammock, pre betrayal

There are moments in which I am convinced the world is laughing at me and it likes slapstick. I had one of those recently.

I woke up early with belly cramps (a depressingly frequent occurrence in this land of no hand-washing). I did the morning things that needed doing, including taking some tums but didn’t feel any better. I decided that the correct course of action for the day was to curl up in my hammock until I felt better.
I got a new book that I knew would be interesting and a quick read (Coraline by Neil Gaiman, if you’re curious). I got a mosquito coil and put it next to the hammock. I got a bottle of water. I laid down in the hammock.
The string snapped on the right side. I did a perfect continuation of the sitting motion all the way until I was laying on the ground.
Really world? Must you?
I took three hours to turn twine into rope and fix the hammock. By then my belly was feeling better but I read through all of Coraline in one go anyway.

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