Starting at VIT

Coming into town has been a drastic change from the island.  I’ve been joking lately that I barely feel like a Peace Corps Volunteer anymore.  This is definitely not a complaint however.  I am very much enjoying the transition back to a busier lifestyle.

The big change is that I have a full-time job.  I have an office.  I have a full week of hours during which I am expected to be in that office and productive.  I have a business dress code.  I have bosses and reports to write for them.  It’s basically like any job back in the states.  I know, most of you have them so this isn’t terribly impressive.  I’m not complaining about any of this either, I’m really enjoying it.
The thing that I am enjoying most is that I have a full-fledged network to work with again.  One of the biggest things I have learned about myself over the last two years is that I love technology.  I love experimenting with gadgets and learning new ways to use them.  I love figuring out the best way to make computers work with each other.  I love helping figure out how to get the most of their devices.  Technology, networking, and useful solutions are my passion.
So what, exactly, am I doing now?  I am working at the Vanuatu Institute of Technology as an IT Consultant and Network Administrator.  I am going to be cleaning up the network and advising them on its continued management.  I have been working with (aka. pestering) the internet service provider we’re trying to switch to because they have been having technical difficulties with the service.  I’ve also re-written the IT policies and am finalizing a detailed report on the status of the network and recommendations for improvements.  Next I will be writing proposals for any of the projects I’ve recommended that involve acquisitions of equipment.  I’m talking to vendors about pricing (and hopefully working out some details).  In summary, I’m busy doing office work.  It may not be what I think of as “Peace Corps” but I’m loving it.

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