5-27 Boat Race Photo Round up version

I threatened them that they would have to swim if their boat lost an garbage.  Patis found a kayak and played garbage man instead.  Smart boy.

On the winner’s stand. 
The first two people in this boat found it a bit too tippy.  Manuella got forward motion.

The crew of Apu Reggae (Reggae grandchild/grandparent).

MAN OVERBOARD!  Look for his legs behind Apu Reggae…

And then Apu Reggae took a turn for the deep water and scared up a school of fish.  Apu Reggae had a few problems.

Transporting boats back to the starting line.  It was too hard to paddle when they stacked all the boats together, so instead they swam.

Ok, I swear I’m done writing about the boat race now.  Though, just to put this out there, the boat race has been in the paper for two weeks in a row.  Hurray good PR!

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  1. Hurrah for trash/milk carton boat races!<br />I thing you should post the news articles about the boat races.<br />Love you,<br />Papa blong you

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