4-22 By the Numbers

I know that I have missed a few months of blogs, but I wanted to do the wrap up post sort of on time. I’ll fill in the details later.

Countries visited: 15
Passport stamps received: 24
National languages heard: 10
Religions seen: 9
Cities slept in: 34
Seasons passed through: 3

Number of plane rides: 14
Hours on a plane: 45
Number of train rides: 15
Hours on a train: 62
Number of bus rides: 12
Hours on a bus: 50
Number of boat rides: 4
Hours on a boat: 38
Other transport methods used: 7 (Taxi, rickshaw, tuktuk, walking, gondola, car, public transit)

Unesco Sites visited: 21
Major monuments visited: 50+
Museums visited: 33
Places of worship visited: 53
(Tech Meccas: 2)
Shrines, chapels and offerings: 100+
Photos taken: 10,711

Hotels slept in: 34
Friends houses slept in: 6
Longest time at one place: 6 days

Days traveled: 122

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