1-4 Puppet show, Dawn at Borobudur and Overnight Trains

What do these things have in common?

They are all my excuses for not writing a blog post or six today.  Sorry.  Here’s some pictures from the last few days instead.

Cockfighting on the streets of Ubud.

Jason working on his new wedding ring.  Maybe he’ll hold onto this one.
This altar was tucked into an alcove on a busy main street.  A small miracle must occur each time someone places an offering on this altar without getting hit by a car.

The roof was a bit low, I promise I’m not as grouchy as I look there.
Javanese shadow puppetry.  These puppets are beyond intricate, though much of the detail was lost in the photo.

Borobudur, an ancient Buddhist temple, just after dawn.

9-21 Photos from Australia!

Big fishy!  (I’ll color correct this at some point.)

Can anyone tell me what this guy is?

I was having fun with the light and the pattern on the rope.

BABY KOALA!  Mama’s head is buried behind the baby’s but the baby was SO cute.
This is supposed to be vertical.  I can’t get it rotated, so I guess you get to tip your head sideways.

7-31 Santo Photos

Bottle recycling at its best.  These were dug into the ground to create planters.

More bottle recycling, also for planters, though these hang against a wall for vertical gardening.

Wedding at dusk.  Waiting for the canoe to take her away and back again.
Playing tourist.  The dancer let me borrow his hat.

Water music is stret kastom blo Gaua.  These women are all from Gaua and played for us.

Giant moon over the water by San Michel.

6-26 Oddball Photos

This little piggy went to market…

I learned to crack a whip.
Then Jason learned to crack a whip
I’ve been arguing with physics a lot recently.  This battle happened over banged heads in Judo.  Physics won. 

Planning Day at WSB Youth Center.  Annie was excited about the feedback.

6-2 Photo round up: Miscellany May

Dragon breath at Mele Beach Bar
Jason and Ferrid “Hurricane” Kheder who came to train us.  Pretty cool guy.

A new tourist attraction behind WSB includes wildlife.  The invasive kind.

And wildlife of the less wild kind.

My new photo class is catching on to the idea of angles.  And of photo bombing.
I tried for this shot for like 15 minutes.  Jimmy didn’t mind, he got to practice his juggling.

5-27 Boat Race Photo Round up version

I threatened them that they would have to swim if their boat lost an garbage.  Patis found a kayak and played garbage man instead.  Smart boy.

On the winner’s stand. 
The first two people in this boat found it a bit too tippy.  Manuella got forward motion.

The crew of Apu Reggae (Reggae grandchild/grandparent).

MAN OVERBOARD!  Look for his legs behind Apu Reggae…

And then Apu Reggae took a turn for the deep water and scared up a school of fish.  Apu Reggae had a few problems.

Transporting boats back to the starting line.  It was too hard to paddle when they stacked all the boats together, so instead they swam.

Ok, I swear I’m done writing about the boat race now.  Though, just to put this out there, the boat race has been in the paper for two weeks in a row.  Hurray good PR!

5-13 Photo Roundup: Circus and Stilts!

Setting up the aerial rig. 

The opening skit involved drinking kava.  I missed the rest of it because I was fixing settings on a camera.

The Volcano, also known as Pakoa on red silks.  He has learned so fast and his core strength is amazing.

I was fostering a kitten for a few days.  He got stuck behind the louvers, which was cute and funny, so I left him there.

I finally got a chance to make myself some stilts. 

5-8 Earth Week Photos from April

First tree planted for Earth Day, 2013.  It was planted at Wan Smol Bag.  Hopefully, it will give both fruit and shade.
Pango School planted 2 trees.

Ecole Centreville called a school wide meeting to discuss tree planting.  Then we planted trees.

Ecole was pretty excited about their tree.  It is next to the Kindergarten playground where it will shade the swings, once it is big enough.

Fresh Wota school planted their trees at the gates, to welcome visitors with shade and fruit.

4-25 Photos from the Pentecost Trip

Maureen, in hip deep water at Mike’s site.  

Fishing.  The splashing is the swimmers driving the fish toward the net hooked on the canoe.

Can anyone identify this guy?  Seriously, it is a fish, at least it jumped out of the water and lacks limbs but it was chilling on that rock for like ten minutes.  Which implies to me that it doesn’t use the gill method of breathing.

Baby Alex, named after a PCV.

Market Day!  We found a market full of laplap and oranges.

She was terrified of me, but I got her picture before she ran away.  It was hot so her mother wrapped her head in a towel to keep the sun off her.

4-15 Photos!

Monday morning commute.  We towed another bus across town.  The rope came off 3 times, which prompted my bus driver to swear at the other bus driver about using his breaks too much.  No one minded that I was 45 minutes late to work.

Pins and earrings made of old bottle caps.  The skills and technology are courtesy of other people.

Making bottle cap pins.

Hip hop battle at WSB.  This group is new and had a fantastic sense of drama.

Free style after the official battle was over.  They were just having a blast.