4-9 (slightly late) Photos from last week

Bi-weekly Rubbish clean up with the literacy class.
Kam Pusum Hed Clinic is doing an STI promotion.  I got a shirt, the nurse got some urine.  A win-win all around.
Our family’s nakamal in town.  Jason’s thigh is in the bottom right corner.

My little brothers and sisters from Pentecost.  Or the ones who live in town but I call brother or sister.
Blacksands Wokabaot with the photo class.  These three were having family time.

My bubu (grandmother) in Vila. She runs a store.
We stumbled on a kastom while we were out with the photo class.  They were celebrating the birth of a baby girl with song and dance.

4-2 Last week in pictures

Playing games in the schoolyard.
Note the height of that string she is jumping over!
Gaea’s counterpart teaching the kids
Lion, Hunter, Lady is like Rock, Paper, Scissors for the whole body.
This is our night sky.  So many stars, even in the city!
Beautiful moon-rise

3-24 Another week in pictures

Teaching kids about hygiene.  Specifically, trying to get them to be quiet so I could teach.

Circus class.  We did falling pyramids.

Beach clean up with the youth at Wan Smol Bag.  We collected 15 bags of garbage in about an hour.

Photography field trip to the cruise boat.  Andrew and I were playing spy.

Saturday night fire show.  They do a good show.

3-2 My Week in Pictures

Sunday evening Petanque game.  A chance to relax and unwind like the French.
I got back from my run to this view.  This is a beautiful country.

We made a valiant effort to get the kite up.  We didn’t succeed.  The small boy on the right finally did it by himself.
Still trying.  Still not flying a kite.
Wednesday Evening was a fire show at Holiday Inn Resort

We took the photography class there for a lesson.  These are what Jason got to shoot while I was chasing my students around.