Gaea and Jason’s not-quite-a-wedding celebration!



We have several events happening over the course of the weekend.  We know that our community is full of busy people so we don’t expect you at all of these events.  We’d like you to join us for as many or as few as you are interested in and able to attend.


Thursday, June 11th: 6:30pm – Merlin’s Rest we will have a happy hour.  We want a chance to socialize and see people without all the pressure of dressing nice, so join us for a pint at our local bar.  Merlin’s Rest Pub, 3601 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55406. We understand that coming to Minneapolis by Thursday isn’t feasible for a lot of our out of town family and friends; this event is really meant for our local crew.

Friday, June 12th: afternoon and evening we will borrow bikes or stop by our nearest Nice Ride station for bike rentals on our way to tour the city highlights.  Some of these highlights include craft breweries/distilleries, the sculpture garden and maybe a photo show by Gaea.

Saturday, June 13th: afternoon will we be romping through the Science Museum and taking photos with dinosaurs.  Because who doesn’t want some not-quite-a-wedding photos with a dino?  Use your free entry to the Science Museum so we can all learn some things about the weather, Egypt or weird historical medical devices. Simply go to will call and let them know you’re with the Dill-D’Ascoli/Ritenour wedding. We plan to arrive around 1pm.

Saturday, June 13th: 6pm is the main event.  Join us to celebrate our relationship and the wonderful community who has helped us build it.  We’ll be in Discovery Hall of the Science Museum and the adjoining balcony looking out over the mighty Mississippi.

Sunday, June 14th: morning(ish) we’d like to invite our out of town guests to join us for brunch.  Basically, if you came all this way, we want to get as much time with you as possible, so book an afternoon flight and spend a few more hours with us.


Gifts We really do not need much at this time. We have compiled a small wishlist at Amazon but would generally prefer donations to Vanuatu or gift cards.

Our Not-Quite-A-Wedding-Registry

Donate to Peace Corps Vanuatu Country Fund to help volunteers working with their communities to improve infrastructure, education, or rebuild from Cyclone Pam. (We swear, your money won’t actually go to Gambia health volunteers, despite the picture on that page.)

We would also like to get donations to Wan Smol Bag, the youth center where Gaea worked in Vila. We will post a link for direct donations if we can get one. Otherwise, we will collect the donations and send them to the organization.


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