3-11 Half-assing work

I think half-assing things is a talent. To be able to say, “Well, that’s good enough,” and live with it is something I’m terrible at. I wish I weren’t.

I came to Vanuatu thinking I’d be doing health stuff (whatever that meant) and Jason would be teaching. It turns out, I’m teaching as many hours as he is now. Rather than thinking, “Well, they are getting more health classes than they could otherwise,” and being done there, I keep trying to find other ways and other things I can bring into the classroom to make it a more engaging setting and keep the information relevant. I’m even reading books about classroom management.
Seriously, me, reading books about classroom management like I’m some kind of teacher. I do not have the patience to teach and I do not have an interest in it, yet here I am. Since I can’t not do it, I’m going to do it as well as I possibly can.

Peace Corps really does broaden your horizons.

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