7-17 Heading home

Here is a cute chick who is living in my kumala patch.  That is all.

It is Getting-on-a-Plane-Eve, which means it is time for all the details of life in blog form.

It has been a quick trip to Vila, though a pleasant one.  I am eager to go back to site to enjoy my last few months before that terrifying prospect of Close of Service, of course it is giaman smol since I’m actually staying for another year.  Still, I will be watching a lot of my friends leave and move on and I will be moving off of Pentecost and into the big city for whatever opportunities that will bring.

Which leads me to my next point.  Soon, I will not be on Pentecost to receive all your lovely letters.  I would like to continue to receive letters, though so let me break down the timeline a little bit.  Letters average about 2 months to arrive at site.  I will be leaving site in October/November, so giving enough leeway for the long side of average, you my lovely friends, should stop sending me letters directly to Pentecost in early August.  Since I will not be back in town between now and then, I am posting my Vila address for you.  This address will automatically forward to me and Jason, wherever we are in the country and be held for us if we are out of the country.

Me and Jason
C/O Peace Corps Vanuatu
PMB 9097
Port Vila

We will be going home to the US sometime in December and staying until sometime in January.  We would love to see all of you, if you are around any of our likely hang outs.  We are looking at Minneapolis area and a trip east to visit family.  We’ll see what else happens around those.

Enjoy the end of summer and I will enjoy the end of winter!

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