We got an EARTH QUAKE! It may have been an aftershock from the big one back in August, but still. Earthquake!
It was very short, less than 2 seconds total, I think. It was made more dramatic by being inside a tin building. The walls rattled very nicely to show off the earthquake.
Also, all the geckos fell off the rafters, which is just funny. They make this amusing splatting noise, then they sit there for a second. I don’t know if the freeze instinct is to check for predators or because they are mildly concussed. Then they scurry off at top speed. The geckos are cute and they eat bugs. Anything that eats bugs gets points in my book.
We could hear the earthquake coming, like how you can hear a semi-truck on the road, I just couldn’t identify it quickly enough.
Still, awesome. There was an earthquake.

UPDATE: I found out yesterday that the quake we felt was a 5.0. Awesome.

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